ENQA General Assembly

On October 26-27, NAA’s representatives took part in the regular meeting of the General Assembly of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA), which took place in Sevres (France). During the meeting, representatives from 28 European countries approved the work plan of the Association for 2018, voted for the new composition of the ENQA Board and the President. As a result of a secret vote, Dr. Christoph Grolimund, Director of the Swiss Accreditation Agency (AAQ) and a member of the Board was elected the new President of ENQA.


NAA management joins thecongratulations of European colleagues with the best wishes in promoting the quality of higher education in the European area and expresses confidence that the policy of integrating the system of quality evaluation of the Russian higher education will be continued through an active participation of Russian accreditation and quality assurance agencies both in the Association activities and in the international accreditation of study programs delivered by educational organizations.

We would also like to thank the former President of ENQA, Dr. Padraig Walsh, for his longstanding commitment to the principles of quality education and representation of interests of the European professional community of experts in higher education quality at world-wide forums, for his support of developing quality evaluation systems, determination of priorities in forward motion of a close family of ENQA agencies.