A trilateral cooperation agreement signed with HSE University and the Prosveshchenie Publishing House

Certification testing system «Lingvotest» was launched

On November 17, 2022, TASS hosted a press conference dedicated to the launch of the certification testing system “Lingvotest” assessing knowledge of the English language. The event was held in face-to-face format with the participation of the project's stakeholders – Lemka Izmaylova, NAA’s Director, Nikita Anisimov, Rector of the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE University) and Mikhail Kozhevnikov, President of the Group of Companies “Prosveshchenie”.

The press conference participants announced the launch of the Lingvotest project. It was noted that currently one of the most important trends is the import substitution of foreign tools measuring the level of language proficiency. In this regard, it became necessary to create similar Russian products. The certification testing system "Lingvotest" intends to become the closest Russian analogue of common foreign tests, such as IELTS and TOEFL, which have suspended their operation in Russia.

“Ten years of independent assessment of the level of English proficiency among the students in HSE University has made it possible to create a unique system of testing and experts’ training. We want to make this system available throughout the country,” said Mr Anisimov, HSE University Rector.

Ms Izmaylova, NAA’s Director, spoke about the Project technological basis. She announced the registration for the first testing session to be held on November 17 on NAA’s official website. Based on the exams results, participants will receive a certificate with an appendix containing a description of the candidate's real communication skills in accordance with the level scale. At first, the certificate will be in hard copy, it is planned to introduce its digital version from January 1. The certificates will be available in the participants personal accounts on NAA’s website. “It seems to me that confirmation of linguistic communicative competencies in our age is the enrichment of the individual and professional growth. Communication skills are the leading, basic skills, and taking the test will contribute to the development of the individual,” summed up NAA’s Director.

Mr Kozhevnikov, President of the Group of Companies “Prosveshchenie”, said that the company had done a lot of work studying best practices in certification of skills. He noted that Lingvotest is the first testing system in Russia at the higher education level with the prospect of entering the international arena.

During the press conference, a tripartite cooperation agreement was signed between the project partners: National Accreditation Agency, National Research University Higher School of Economics and the Publishing House « Prosveshchenie».