NAA’s leading specialist participated in the all-russian school of student goverment "Leader of 21st century" in Rostov-on-Don

On February 14-15, Denis M. Shabanov (Deputy Director of the Expert Relations Department, NAA) participated in the All-Russian School of Student Government “Leader of 21st century” as a member of the Expert Board in nominations “The Best Chairman of the Students’ Council” and “The Best Leader of the Education Quality Commission”.

D. Shabanov also held a roundtable with leaders and principals of the student government, leaders of student commissions and councils on education quality on the topic "Assistance of student government bodies during state accreditation of educational activities". The issues of students’ involvement in the procedures of professional-public accreditation and state accreditation were discussed. The experiment with the Association of Students and Student Organizations were represented on the roundtable. As part of the experiment, the student groups of public assistance in state accreditation carried out a questionnaire survey among students and prepared independent conclusions on education quality. The results of the survey were presented to the ENQA experts and received their positive assessment.


The 72 session of the All-Russian School of Student Government “Leader of 21st century”, held on 14-17 February in Rostov-on-Don city, brought together 216 students from 70 educational organizations. The aim of the School is to prepare and train the administrative board of the student government for Russian educational organizations.