NAA’s mission is to perform the state function of carrying out state accreditation of educational activities at a high professional level in accordance with the principles of objectivity, responsibility, openness, independence and transparency, as well as to provide external quality assurance of Russian education.

For the successful implementation of its mission, NAA declares a Quality Assurance Policy based on the following priorities:

  1. NAA follows the generally recognized concept of the education quality as the degree of compliance of educational activities and students’ training with Federal State Educational Standards, Educational Standards and (or) the needs of person or entity in whose interests educational activities are carried out.
  2. NAA is committed to ensure the quality of higher education by strict observance of the legislation requirements in the field of state accreditation, the search for innovative approaches to solving problems, as well as through dialogue with the academic and expert community, employers and business community.
  3. In the age of globalization of higher education, NAA seeks to expand the boundaries of interaction with other national and international agencies in order to exchange experience in quality assurance of higher education, participation in joint projects and research, as well as in seminars, conferences and other events.
  4. NAA aims to address the primary tasks:

- to strengthen and maintain NAA’s status as a leading organization in the field of external review of educational activities, as well as to respond effectively to the existing and new challenges of the higher education system;

- to improve the tools for conducting the procedure of state accreditation of educational activities, including the use of information and communication technologies, in order to achieve objectivity, openness, independence and transparency;

- to train highly qualified experts for state accreditation and to promote the development of the expert community;

- to facilitate active involvement of the student community representatives in the state accreditation procedures as experts in assessing the conditions, content, organization and quality of the educational process in the context of implementing the student-centered approach

- to develop interaction and cooperation with national and international organizations in the field of quality assurance of education;

- to promote the development of the national education system and independent assessment of the education quality;

- to provide an up-to-date methodological support of external reviews through the development and introduction of new approaches for assessing the content and quality of students’ training.

  1. NAA’ management is aware of its responsibility for implementing the Quality Assurance Policy and seeks to maintain an atmosphere in which the employees feel involved in NAA’ activities and its results.