NAA’s external review organized by ENQA

NAA’s external review coordinated by ENQA

The state accreditation procedure is generally recognized and considered as the main tool for confirming the quality of Russian education. In accordance with NAA’s Statute, the National Accreditation Agency takes part in implementation of the Bologna Declaration in terms of ensuring the quality of education to support the improvement of evaluation system and assure the education quality in the Russian Federation.

These goals have made it necessary to interact with quality assurance institutions operating at the European and international levels for improving the quality of Russian education.

From 27 to 29 October 2020, the National Accreditation Agency underwent the procedure of external review coordinated by ENQA.

To undergo the procedure, NAA’s specialists prepared a package of documents and a self-evaluation report in accordance with ENQA’s requirements. The preparation of the report became a good opportunity to examine documents and procedures used in the quality assurance system of higher education. ENQA’s review provides an external assessment of these processes, the value of which is significant for the development of Russian higher education.

NAA’s leading experts, representatives of education and public organizations of the Russian Federation, attended this event.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the NAA external review was hosted online.

The ENQA expert panel met with the representatives of federal executive authorities in the field of education, heads of universities, specialists responsible for quality assurance of education in universities, student organizations, and experts.

On October 29 was the final day of the event. The ENQA expert panel organized a meeting with NAA’s staff and NAA’s Council for getting acquainted with the preliminary results of ENQA external review.