December 22: visit of the Rector of the Irkutsk State University to NAA

The topic of the week (December 19-23) “Accreditation of Educational Activities. 2016 in review” which was launched on Monday by the seminar at the Russian State University after A.N. Kosygin, further continued with the visit of Sergey Kravtsov to NAA on December 21. One of the areas in 2017, marked by the Head of Rosobrnadzor, will be the transition to the electronic submission of documents for carrying out state accreditation and the introduction of the system in normal operation. Irkutsk State University became one of the first educational organizations, which had successfully tested the new technology in 2016.

Today, on December 22, the Rector of Irkutsk State University, Alexander V. Arguchintsev visited NAA and received a letter of thanks for the support and assistance in the organization of events devoted to the state accreditation procedure.