The activity of the federal state budgetary institution "NAA" is based on the management system that meets the requirements of international standards for management and quality assurance of education, and is aimed at ensuring the external quality assurance of education and promoting the recognition of student learning outcomes in Russian educational organizations at national and international levels.


The activity of the Agency is aimed at achievement the following goals:

  • assistance in execution state functions in the state accreditation procedure, which is the main mechanism of state and international recognition of the quality of education in Russian educational organizations;
  • satisfying human, public and state requirements in improvement of the education quality and promoting the development of academic, professional and social mobility of citizenry.
  • competitive growth of Russia and it’s citizens in the global job market.

This goal is achieved by constantly improving the Agency's activity and implementing the following objectives:

  1. Providing the collection and processing of the documented information about the organizations subjected to external review;
  2. Organizational, technical, information and analytical support of the external review procedure and preparation of materials based on the outcomes of the expert panel’s work;
  3. Analyzing the educational programs’ compliance with the requirements of educational standards, summary of the outcomes of the analysis of the content and quality of students’ training;
  4. Information, organizational and technical support of the procedure of certification of experts and (or) expert organizations;
  5. Improving the procedure of external review of the quality of educational organizations’ performance by way of:
  • constant professional development of personnel as well as experts and expert organizations;
  • enhancement of the efficiency of all the processes the Agency is engaged in;
  • improvement and extension of the resource base for ensuring the Agency’s activity;
  • studying the best practices of quality assurance agencies and introducing the innovations in the Agency’s activity which are compliant with modern global standards.
  1. Introducing and enhancing the methodology for self-evaluation of the Agency as a whole and of its separate subdivisions and personnel.
  2. Improving the Agency’s organizational structure and working environment.


FSBI “NAA” carries out its functions in accordance with the state task of the Federal Service of Supervision in Education and Science within the scope of the delegated powers for state accreditation of educational organizations in order to ensure the objectivity and detachment of the decisions made.

The activity of FSBI “NAA” is aimed at meeting the needs of all stakeholders – parties engaged in relations in the sphere of education both as individual consumers of educational services, and as educational organizations, governmental authorities, society and the state as a whole.

Constant improvement of the quality of the Agency’s performance results by way of continuous enhancement of the management system and the most complete and effective use of all resources is a sole priority responsibility of the Agency’s management. The development of all Agency's activities is aimed at cultivating the image of FSBI "NAA" as a leading organization in the sphere of external review of educational activities. The Agency’s employees exert themselves to achieving high overall results.

Directions of NAA’s activity

The main activities of NAA are:

  • organizational, technical, information and analytical support of the external review of the compliance of the content and quality of students’ training on educational programs declared for state accreditation with the requirements of federal state educational standards, including the procedure of state program accreditation;
  • organizational, technical, information and analytical support of the procedure of certification of experts and (or) expert organizations for conducting external review;
  • organizational and technical support for the collection, processing and accumulation of accounting and (or) other documented information in relation to educational organizations involved in licensing and state accreditation of educational activities;
  • organizational, technical, information and analytical support of Rosobrnadzor in conducting supervision (control) arrangements in education in relation to organizations engaged in educational activities on state-accredited educational programs;
  • preparation of draft methodological and other documents on the analysis of the content and quality of students’ training in organizations engaged in educational activities;
  • participation in activities aimed at implementing the issues set out in the Bologna Process in the area of education quality assurance;
  • monitoring studies in the education system of the Russian Federation to ensure the powers executed by Rosobrnadzor;
  • organizational support of the activities on implementing the powers of Rosobrnadzor associated with the use of interagency electronic interaction system;
  • organizational and technical support in forming and maintaining the information resources related to the execution of Rosobrnadzor’s powers.